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Coffee Marketing Licence

  • Agency: Coffee Board of Kenya
  • Purpose: Authorizing the holder to conduct the business of marketing coffee and auctioneering.
  • Application Fee: KShs. 1000/=
  • License Fee: (i) commercial US$ 1,000 (ii) grower KShs. 10,000/=
  • Maximum Processing Time: 90 days
  • Statutes:
  • Gazetted On: 2001-01-01
  • Related Websites: www.coffeeboardkenya.org
  • Validity: One Year
  • Enactment: 2001-01-01
  • Contact Office: Senior Excutive Officer
  • Resolution Criteria: Approved by board of Directors
  • License Type: License/Permit
  • (1) The Board shall at least 30 days before granting Coffee Marketing Licence give notice of the proposed grant in the gazettee and invite objection if any from the public (Law- section 19 (i)
  • (2) Integrity vetting applicant must be fit and proper persons to hold such licence and not indebted to any coffee farmers organization. (Law – section 19(i) a)
  • (3) A certified copy of certificate of Incorporation/or registration (Law – section 19 (i). As prescribed in the application form.
  • (4) A certified copy of memorandum and Articles of Association (Law – section 19(i) as prescribed in the application form.
  • (5) A statement listing the of holding companies, associated companies or partnership in which the applicant has interest (Law – section 19(i). As prescribed in the application form.
  • (6) A letter of intent from an approved bank to give a guarantee. (Law – section 19(i) as prescribed in the application form.
  • (7) Name and Addresses of two business referees. (Law – section 19(i) as prescribed in the application form.
  • (8) Proof of undertaking to deduct Cess. (Law – Rule 40).
  • (9) Proof of undertaking to deduct growers’ obligations (Law – Rule 40)
  • (10) Proof of engaging services of a coffee expert professional. (Law – section 19(i)b.
  • (11) Statutory deductions. (Law – Rules 35).
  • (12) Furnish the Board with monthly marketing returns. (Law – section 19(i)
  • (13) Coffee Classification Report. (Law – section 31(i).
  • (14) Proof of Registration as a Marketing Agent. (Law – section 19(i)
  • (15) A Bank Guarantee of US$ 1,000,000 and USS$ 12 million or half the times the value of coffee transacted on each particular case, whichever is higher and licenced. (Law – section 24(a).
  • (16) To conduct business only at the specified registered premises. (Law – section 4(C)
  • (17) coffee. (Law – Rule 34 The Marketing Agent to provide a sample of 200 grams of each grade of the milled (4).
  • (18) Proof of undertaking to open a separate bank account (Administrative)
  • Licensing Body: Coffee Board of Kenya